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We make a mountain out of a molehill. Sometimes contra.


«Media relations» is one of the most effective ways to attract attention to your company. It’s very important to know media market, to be a good analyst, to write high-quality texts, to be communicative and have a quick reaction. Not everyone can cope with such tasks. But we can!

We write texts, make news, initiate publications, monitor mass media and make press-clippings, organize interviews and comments, produce press-kits, invite journalists and etc.


PR-events successfully solve at least two problems: presence in information environment; and attracting attention of journalists and target audience. We know this fact, so we often use this method at work.

We organize press-conferences, press-tours, press-lunches, presentations, art-projects and other activities with participation of journalists and celebrities. We also make all the preparations for the event: selection of the place, technical support, catering, accreditation of journalists, creation of POS-materials, spreading of press-releases, control and monitoring of publications.


Social networks every day join people by common interests: news, hobbies, finances, creativity, commerce and so on. Thereby companies received an opportunity to contact to their target audience, to learn the opinion about their products and to influence it.

Knowing this, we monitor social media every day, create and develop communities, engage people, participate in discussions and involve experts, invent different interactive actions and work with bloggers.


There are many types of PR-texts with different structure.

We write corporate texts (publications, congratulations, announcements, etc.) and texts for mass media (press-releases, press-statements, articles, biographies, information sheets, interviews, by-liners, backgrounds, case-stories, success stories, booklets, leaflets, direct-mail, etc.).